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COVID-19 Cover

Why me?

Because of my full-stack background

Is Wized good?


How to use Integromat?

It's really easy


Can we take Policy for specific employees?

No, group health insurance by default requires all employees who are on company payroll to be covered under the policy. However, there is an option to choose different sum insured based on employee grades. Note if a section of the employees are covered under Employee State Insurance (ESI), then the employer has an option to specifically buy the cover for all non-ESI employees to avoid duplication of health covers.


What is the age limit of employees under group health insurance?

The maximum age limit is 80 years while there is no minimum age limit.

COVID-19 Cover

Are COVID-19 treatments covered?

Yes, COVID-19 treatments are covered from Day 1 without any waiting period. If home hospitalization is covered under the policy, then even home treatments for COVID-19 are covered else only in-patient hospitalization with pre and post hospitalization expenses incl. doctor consultations, lab tests, medicines shall be covered.


Is there any minimum requirement to take group health insurance?

A minimum group of 10 employees is required in order to avail group health insurance.

COVID-19 Cover

What is Room rent restriction?

The room rent restriction is expressed in terms of percentage of Sum Insured (SI) per day for Normal Rooms and ICU. Let's take an example - say if sum insured (SI) is Rs. 3 lacs and room rent limit is 2% of SI per day for Normal & 4% of SI per day for ICU. If any employee is admitted to a hospital where per day normal room rent charges are Rs.8K whereas allowable room rent limit under the policy is Rs. 6K (2% of 3 lacs), then not just the room rent but the entire hospital bill (excluding medical consumables, diagnostic fees, medical devices) will be settled on a pro-rata basis in the ratio of allowable room rent (6K) to actual room rent (8K) i.e. 75%. This means 25% of the hospitalization bill would need to be borne by the patient out-of-pocket.

COVID-19 Cover

What are specific diseases?

Specific diseases (SD) are slow moving diseases such as kidney stones and cataract which are generally unknown to the patient. Unless waived off, they are subject to blanket waiting period of 2 years regardless of patient aware/unaware of these conditions. An indicative list of such diseases are as follows: 1) Knee/Joint Replacement Surgery 2) Sinus, Tonsils 3) Kidney Stones 4) Cataract Surgery 5) Skin Tumours 6) Hysterectomy 7) Fissures 8) Hernia 9) Varicose Veins 10) Genetic Disorders


How is Group Health Insurance beneficial to an organization?

Some of the key benefits include: Helps to reduce company’s liability and risk Great employee retention tool Improves employee health and wellness Covers employees regardless of medical conditions Customized features No medical screening


What are pre-existing disease?

Pre-existing diseases (PED) are such which are already known to the patient at the time of policy inception. Eg. Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthama, Thyroid, High Cholesterol etc. For any treatments that are linked to these PED conditions disclosed by the patient, the same would be subject to waiting period unless waived off. (Eg. Angioplasty for a hypertension patient).

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