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Unlock Maximum Benefits for your Company

We have created software for each employee of your team to help them do their work more efficiently and better to plan.

Companies that trust HealthySure for their teams.

Select base health insurance plan


Choose family coverage

Combination of employee, spouse, children and parents.

Choose Base sum insured

Insure sum of Rs 2 Lacs to Rs 20 Lacs.

Choose coverage Plan

Choose from Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Choose Insurance provider

Partner with the best of insurers for superior service and claims experience.

Choose Additional
Health benefits

Select additional Health and wellness benefits to secure your employees.

Personal Accident

Term Life Insurance

HealthCare Services

Dental Coverage

Upgrades by Employees

Employees voluntarily customize their corporate health benefits.

No need for a separate personal health cover

Save upto 75% in premium spends using the corporate cover as the base

Dedicated Claims

HealthySure provides you a personalised and simpler claim management through trusted claim partners

bar chart

Our trusted claim partners will provide you a 360 insurance claim experience.

Step by step claim guidance .WhatsApp Based Real-time Claims Tracking

Gets a host of wellness benefits

Employees gets a host of health wellness benefits.

Order Medicine

Gym sessions

Book lab tests

Mental wellness

and many more benefits

Post employment benefits continuity


Continue corporate cover in personal capacity with same benefits.

No extra cost for pre-existing disease

Seamless digital transition to a personal cover

Insure your team with the best in class coverage

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